LendingClub Personal Loans: 2023 Review


All loans were unsecured personal loans and could be between $1,000 – $40,000. The standard loan period was three years; a five-year period was available at a higher interest rate and additional fees. This study reviews the literature of online peer-to-peer lending from 2008 until 2020 as an emergent but fast spreading phenomenon in the context of digital finance.

In 2011 and 2012 the company was named to as one of the AlwaysOn Global 250. LendingClub is the winner of the World Economic Fxcritical 2012 Technology Pioneer Award. It has been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s 20 most promising companies in 2011 and 2012, and by Fast Company as one of the ten most innovative financial companies in the world. It was named one of the Disruptor 50 by CNBC in May 2013 and 2014, as a disruptive innovator in next generation financial services. In 2014, LendingClub was recognized by Inc. as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America at #248.

LendingClub: Low Risk For A Bank Run (NYSE:LC) – Seeking Alpha

LendingClub: Low Risk For A Bank Run (NYSE:LC).

Posted: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Goldman is in a position to improve their margins and/or lower rates by limiting defaults, and Mxcritical is indeed marketed to higher-credit borrowers. LendingClub admits Laplanche has been a linchpin of the organization; others say he had come to be the face of the budding online lending industry. It makes his downfall, which came in early May as a result of his not disclosing a relationship with a hedge fund that invested in his company’s loans, all the more difficult. The company is also reportedly subject to several investigations related to Laplanche’s departure. If you read the above chart from left-to-right, you can see that most loans are used to pay off debt or credit cards, the average loan amount for this is around $16, and borrowers have an average income of $84k. If you couple this visual with the one above (middle class workers in high-cost of living states), this begs the question of whether the borrowers will be able to pay off these loans.

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The company’s San Francisco headquarters, six floors in a nondescript building, radiate big-league respectability. By this point, Uyaroglu, who emigrated from Turkey in 2000, had become something of https://xcritical.online/ a mini café mogul in Brooklyn, with three cafés and a lobby concession for a local arts center. He didn’t even consider a bank, after an early attempt to get an equipment loan ended with rejection.


Many scholars focus on the behaviors of investors in the online lending market and identify anomalies of irrationality in markets of both the US and China. Pope and Sydnor find significant discrimination against listings with pictures of blacks, old individuals, the overweight, and people who appear unhappy on online lending platforms. Using loan xcritical cheating data from Prosper, an online lending platform in the US, Duarte et al. find that borrowers who appear more trustworthy have higher probabilities of obtaining loans and pay lower interest rates than those who appear less trustworthy. Liao et al. find that online lenders exhibit irrational behavior in identifying credit risk by education level.

Of course, xcritical’s calculation is hypothetical, and it may be undercounting some collection costs, says Marty Mosby, a banking analyst with Vining Sparks. Still, it’s gotten to the point that banks themselves–about 10 of them, ranging from small community institutions to West Coast powerhouse Union Bank–now invest directly on xcritical’s platform. Prosper provides a lending marketplace that connects people who want to invest money with people who want to borrow money.

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LendingClub made money by charging borrowers an origination fee and investors a service fee. The size of the origination fee depended on the credit grade and ranges to be 1.1–5.0% of the loan amount. The company facilitated interest rates that were better for lenders and borrowers than they would receive from most banks. It averaged between a six and nine percent return to investors between its founding and 2013. However, because lenders were making personal loans to individuals on the site, their gains were taxable as personal income instead of investment income. Therefore, income from LendingClub loans could be taxed at a higher rate than investments taxed at the capital gains rate.

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We also propose to combine multiple probability predictions to improve the predictive performance. The analysis is based on a book of loans (with a three-year term) funded in the 2010–2015 period though the online platform of xcritical. The results show that some measures of predictive accuracy tend to improve when the scoring models are trained using a rebalanced, rather than an imbalanced sample, except when the extreme gradient boosting approach is applied.

The company averaged about $1.5 million in loan originations daily, with a total of $600 million since its founding. In April 2012, LendingClub’s SEC registration from 2008 was renewed for $1 billion USD in Member Payment Dependent Notes and became effective on April 10, 2012. In June 2012, the company received $15 million in new funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and $2.5 million of personal investments from John J. Mack. Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker joined Mack on LendingClub’s board of directors. In November 2012, LendingClub surpassed $1 billion in loans issued since inception and announced they were now cash flow positive.

LendingClub Could Lose $21M Funds on Sillicon Valley Bank Collapse – MarketWatch

LendingClub Could Lose $21M Funds on Sillicon Valley Bank Collapse.

Posted: Fri, 10 Mar 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

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That’s the best sort of xcritical reaction, and there’s already evidence that it’s working at many of these lenders. At xcritical, for example, better loan performance and increased investor demand led the company to drop average interest rates for consumers by 1 percent last year and another 20 basis points at the beginning of 2015. It has also cut interest rates by 1 percent for small-business borrowers. The company assesses applicants’ risk and lets investors lend directly to individuals or spread their money across a number of loans.

Only investors in 39 US states were eligible to purchase notes on the LendingClub platform. In December 2020, the company ceased to operate as a peer-to-peer lender. In October 2020, the company ceased all new loan accounts on their website as part of restructuring into a neobank after the acquisition of Radius Bank.

Goldman Sachs Sizes Up Direct Lending

Yes, applying for LendingClub personal loans requires a hard credit check which temporarily impacts your score. However, seeing the rates you qualify for only incurs a soft credit inquiry which doesn’t affect your credit score. Personal loans from LendingClub can’t be used toward secondary education costs, like tuition and college books, or toward purchases and activities that are prohibited by law. Additionally, personal loan funds from LendingClub personal loans can’t be used to make investments, including cryptocurrency purchases. Like other peer-to-peer lenders including Prosper, xcritical, and Khutzpa.com, LendingClub experienced increasing difficulty attracting investors during early 2016.

Scholars demonstrate that highly educated borrowers are less likely to default on the Chinese online lending platform Renrendai, but investors do not favor these borrowers because of their high education. In contrast to the evidence of rational herding in the US online lending market (Zhang & Liu, 2012), Chen and Zheng find significant irrational herding in the Chinese online lending market. Some studies also show that Chinese online lending investors exhibit irrational behavior of blindly pursuit of high interest rates regardless of default risk (Chen & Zheng, 2017; Liao, 2015). Our study contributes to the behavioral finance literature by explaining some of the irrational behaviors of lenders in Chinese online lending markets. However, after the introduction of the “de-guarantee” policy, these default risk indicators have significant negative effects on the lenders’ willingness to invest in the loan. The guarantee of loans by Chinese online lending platforms lead to the seemingly irrational behaviors of Chinese lenders before 2018, behaviors which are rational responses by lenders in situations where loans are guaranteed.

  • In April 2016, a LendingClub employee reported to Laplanche that the dates on approximately $US 3 million in the firm’s loans appeared to have been altered.
  • ‘s loan investors “may not receive full amount of payments due” or could see delayed payments if the company goes out of business, according to its website.
  • It was the first peer-to-peer lender to register its offerings as securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission , and to offer loan trading on a secondary market.
  • LendingClub provides flexibility to those looking to consolidate debt or apply for a personal loan with a cosigner.

The company, of course, closed its acquisition of Radius Bancorp last year. Other challenger banks focused on personal loans have struggled since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Borrowers seeking personal loans from LendingClub can borrow $1,000 to $40,000. However, the amount you’re approved to borrow might vary, based on your creditworthiness and other factors. On May 6, LendingClub’s board made it clear to Laplanche that he no longer had their confidence, leading to his resignation on 9 May. The Wall Street Journal reported that Laplanche had been fired by the board.

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In June 2016, private investors had acquired approximately 95% of Radius Bancorp in response to Dodd Frank regulations. In February 2020 LendingClub announced that it had agreed to buy Radius Bank for $185 million in cash and stock. The deal was the first time since xcritical official site the 2008 financial crisis that a U.S. “fintech” lender bought a regulated bank. In March 2014, LendingClub began providing loans to small businesses. On August 27, 2014, LendingClub filed for an IPO with the SEC, the offering taking place in December 2014.


Investors were able to search and browse the loan listings on LendingClub website and select loans that they wanted to invest in based on the information supplied about the borrower, amount of loan, loan grade, and loan purpose. When you apply for an unsecured personal loan with xcritical, the investors themselves decide if they’re willing to fund it. If you’re approved, you will be assigned a loan grade that rates the risk of your loan based on the information you provide about yourself, such as your credit score, length of credit history, what the loan is for, and your xcritical income. We examine whether social networks facilitate online markets using data from a leading peer-to-peer lending website. We find that borrowers with social ties are consistently more likely to have their loans funded and receive lower interest rates; however, most borrowers with social ties are more likely to pay late or default. We provide evidence that these findings are driven by lenders not fully understanding the relationship between social ties and unobserved borrower quality.

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Our advertisers do not compensate us for favorable reviews or recommendations. Our site has comprehensive free listings and information for a variety of financial services from mortgages to banking to insurance, but we don’t include every product in the marketplace. In addition, though we strive to make our listings as xcritical as possible, check with the individual providers for the latest information. The bank launched its first fintech partnership with LevelUp in 2013. This was followed by a partnership with Prosper to provide personal loans in 2015.

With the rapid development of online lending, especially the prominent rise of online lending in emerging markets such as China, scholars and practitioners are increasingly interested in the investor rationality of Internet financial markets. Are the online investors consisting mainly of small investors as irrational as the participants in some other online events? Are there differences in the behavior patterns of investors in the US and Chinese online lending markets?

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